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Mathematical Techniques for Computer Science Applications


Course Faculty



Parijat Dube

Office Hours:


6:00 PM - 7:00 PM EST


6:00 AM - 7:00 AM EST

  • This course gives an introduction to theory, computational techniques, and applications of linear algebra, probability and statistics. These three areas of continuous mathematics are critical in many parts of computer science, including machine learning, scientific computing, computer vision, computational biology, computational finance, natural language processing, and computer graphics. The course will teach a specialized language for mathematical computation, such as MATLAB, and will discuss how the language can be used for computation and for graphical output. No prior knowledge of linear algebra, probability, or statistics is assumed.

Grade Distribution

  • Programming assignments (40% of the grade)

  • Problem sets (20% of the grade)

  • Quizzes and reading assignments (15% of the grade)

  • Final exam. (25% of the grade)


Online teaching

  • All lectures will be online, via Zoom on the NYU Classes site. All lectures will be recorded and made available on the NYU Classes site, as will the Powerpoint slides used during lecture.

Students with Disabilities

  • Academic accommodations are available for students with disabilities. Please contact the Moses Center for Students with Disabilities (212-998-4980 or for further information. Students who are requesting academic accommodations are advised to reach out to the Moses Center as early as possible in the semester for assistance.


  • You may discuss any of the assignments with your classmates (or anyone else) but all work for all assignments must be entirely your own. Any sharing or copying of assignments will be considered cheating. By the rules of the Graduate School of Arts and Science, I am required to report any incidents of cheating to the department. My policy is that any incident of cheating will result in the student getting a grade of F for the course. The second incident, by GSAS rules, will result in expulsion from the University.

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